Nr. 15 - Proceedings of the 4th Berlin Summer School Human Factors 2018

Oct 11th to 12th, Dez/2018, MMI Interaktiv

Anna K. Trapp (TU Berlin)
Stefan Brandenburg (TU Berlin)
Friederice Schröder (TU Berlin)
Lewis Chuang (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität)
Martin Baumann (Universität Ulm)


    Babel, F.: Investigating the effects of robot's anthropomorphism on human trust and acceptance in social robots

    Behrend, M.: Activity recognition in technical environment for cognitive assistance

    Benz, T.: Effects of system delay and multi-modal direction cues on joystick input activities in teleoperation

    Broszio, K.: Impact of light incidence on acute alertness

    Buser, D.: Performance in airport security screeners dependent on time-on-task and target prevalence

    Epple, S.: Driver-Initiated Take-Over Behavior in Critical Driving Situations in Highly Automated Driving

    Hättenschwiler N.: Visual search and decision in X-ray screening: 2D vs 3D imaging for hold baggage screening and low vs high level automation in cabin baggage screening

    Hügli D.: Human-automation interaction during cabin baggage screening at airport security checkpoints

    Leichtmann, B. & Nitsch V.: Evaluation of human-robot interaction with mobile robots in work systems during the pre-implementation phase

    Ochs, C.: Human computer interaction

    Prezenski, S., Krabbe M. & zur Kammer, K.: Designing persuasive systems for Freeriders

    Riz à Porta, R.: A New Algorithm to Measure Image Based Factors of X-Ray Bag Images

    Roche F.: Triggered takeovers in highly automated driving

    Schneider S.: Analyzing Pedestrian Behavior in Naturalistic Traffic Data

    Schröder F.: The Influence Of Affects On Body Tilt And Balance

    Thuillard S.: Negative feedback and performance in human-machine hybrid teams

Komplette Ausgabe der MMI-Interaktiv, Nr. 15, 12/2018